The Photographer’s Statement

“Any photograph is a time slice of how I see light and shadow, texture and space.
I favor the “found light” approach – somewhat the inverse of “available darkness” – coming from my experiences as a documentary cameraman, where setting lights and illuminating the scene with fixtures just doesn’t happen.  It’s an “anti-studio” approach.

I discover what the light reveals. Often that means either keeping my eyes open and being lucky, as with my street photography, or it’s careful studying and planning for the light’s past and future path, so one can be setup in the right place at the right time to capture a precise moment, as with my large format, view camera work.

Often the intersection of nature and man results in mismatches and anomalies, which I like to find, preserve and present for consideration. Not so much “my personal point of view”, but rather more just “look what I found!”

— Jim Furrer

Jim works with large format (4×5 Wista view camera) medium format (Honeywell 21/4 x 3 1/4) and 35mm (Leica MP), with traditional black & white silver gelatin film and paper. Prints are matted and framed by the artist.

Print size for presentation is 11×14 inches; however, gallery works up to 16×20 inches may come from his large format negatives.

All gallery and juried prints receive selenium toning for archiving permanence.